Automate your data extraction with Business Monitor AI

Automated data extraction for sales prospecting, competitive intelligence, and more.

Are You Tired of Manual Data Collection?

Manual data collection is a pain. It's time-consuming, error-prone, and takes your focus away from what matters most - growing your business.

Spending hours searching and copying data from websites?

Struggling to keep your database up-to-date and accurate?

Missing out on valuable insights due to incomplete or inconsistent data?

Let Business Monitor AI do the job for you.

Our AI agents automates the entire process of web data extraction and structuring.

Fully autonomous web extraction.
Aggregate automatically many different data sources.
Available directly in Excel, Google Sheet and Airtable.
Integrate our AI with your own stack using our API.

Examples of Use Cases

Market Data for Analysts and Strategists

 Gather up-to-date market data, competitor pricing, and product information and analyze market trends, consumer behaviour and pricing strategies with up-to-date, accurate and enriched data.

Decision-Maker Infos for Sales Hunters

 Find the right decision-makers and get their contact infos, roles, and more for targeted Sales outreach with one click instead of spending hours screening Websites and LinkedIn profiles.

New Talents for Recruiters

 Find and acquire new talents by gathering information on employee names roles and contact information of people working within the same or a similar industry, in a specific area or language region.

Business Intelligence for Supply Chain Managers

 Retrieve and map all point of sales of your customers and prospects across Switzerland and strategically plan the development of new logistics centres.

We deal with the complexity so you can focus on the real value for your business.

Web scrapping is a complicated. And so is cutting age AI.

We handle all the complexity so your team can focus on creating value from the data we extract for you.

Smart Rotating Proxies

Cloud-based and easy to activate, our rotating proxies provide robust security and anonymity across a global network of servers, ensuring uninterrupted data collection.

Anti-bot bypass with AI

Navigate the web with intelligence beyond bots. Our AI-driven solution adapts in real-time to overcome anti-bot measures, ensuring seamless access to web data.

JavaScript Rendering

Our platform deftly executes and renders JavaScript, ensuring that you capture the most dynamic and interactive content exactly as seen by users, for the most comprehensive data extraction. 

Use AI to browse

Let out AI agents browse any website while they search for the data you've requested.

Automatic Retries

Automatically retries request that have failed.

Multi-source enrichment

Automatically enrich data using Bfs data, Zefix, VAT registry and SHAB notifications.


Work with fully optimized templates such as "Point of sales", "Team" or ask our team to create a custom template for your needs.

Dedicated Support 24/7

Rely on our dedicated support team around the clock. 

Data Extraction
Made Easy

Join a call with our expert to see how we can help you.

“Business Monitor AI has revolutionized the way we gather market intelligence. The automated data extraction is incredibly accurate and saves us countless hours. It's an essential tool for staying ahead of the competition.” 

Jofra Archer

Market Research Analyst at InnovaTech

“Business Monitor AI has been a game-changer for my sales prospecting. The ability to automatically gather decision-maker information, including roles and contact details, has saved me countless hours of manual research. It's an invaluable tool for any sales professional looking to boost their productivity and results” 

Alex Thompson

Sales Executive at DynamicSolutions

“Business Monitor AI has been instrumental in optimizing our supply chain. By automatically retrieving and mapping our customers' points of sale, we can make data-driven decisions about logistics and expansion. It's a powerful tool for any business looking to improve efficiency.” 

Michael Chen

Supply Chain Director at GlobalLogistics

Developer Friendly

Access our AI programtically through our dedicated API.

Request data...

Explain our AI agent what data to collect for you and provide an example of the output format and run in bulk for any webistes or any Enterprise Identification Number UID.

Sit back and relax...

Let the agent work for you and return the requested data once the agent has complete his job.

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"Business Monitor AI has been a game-changer for our sales team. We've been able to enrich our CRM data and identify high-quality leads faster than ever before."  

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